SoftCRM is the cloud CRM application for complete management of small and medium companies. Affordable, simple, efficient and easy.


Management is enabled to daily monitor and record activities within the team, no matter what kind of work team deals with, at which location is the job done and how many members the team has. Records make business easier and provide insight into the state of the business entity in real time


Management has the ability to create tasks, projects, documents and task and process categorization, so that operative has available all relevant information in one place at any time, and to allow flexible resources management.


Productivity is increased by consolidating all your important information in one central place. It is possible to manage projects and tasks. Communication with the user is logged, and all tasks and documents as well as records of costs related to the project are always available.

Organization and optimization

To achieve optimal productivity of the team, all necessary tools are available: a personal planner - task manager, communication records (with customers and team), as well as intuitive overview of personal tasks of employees.


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