SoftCRM Modules

Each company generates different business documents: from outgoing invoices, travel orders, user documentation, project documentation, to offer and many others. After some time, the number of documents and documentation is growing, and it is increasingly difficult to navigate. We have developed softCRM to facilitate the business process management and documents.

What iz CRM?

CRM is a strategy and set of business processes for managing company relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, partners and employees, to increase productivity.

What is ERP?

ERP is a system that supports the operation of many operating processes of enterprises in different business areas of procurement, sales, production, storage, finance and others..

What is softCRM?

softCRM is an online software solution in which are in a simple and effective way integrated elements of CRM and ERP systems. Simple, effective, all in one place



Which modules have softCRM?

softCRM is an integrated and closely linked CRM system, but for ease of explanation of all options, we have divided it logically into modules.


The module is a clear and concise central representation of address data for all individuals and legal entities.


The module is used for planning and managing projects. Defining a new project includes connecting it with the client, defining the project manager and project team. Once a project is defined, it can be broken into sub-projects, which can be defined  in time frames. Also, it is possible to define projects sequence of execution, as well as their prerequisites for the start.


The module serves as a central place to store all kinds of documents, regardless of their place of origin. With flexible organization, access permissions and searchability by all attributes and content, navigating through the sea of documents represents a completely different experience.


The module enables recording and planning of communication with individuals or companies. After the contact is realized, it is sufficient to enter summary communication, and to define the date (and time) of the next contact (if any). With system notifications, no contact will be forgotten.


The module enables the synoptic records of incoming and outgoing invoices, as well as bids. Such accounts and records offer you up to date tracking of all obligations on the one hand, and all claims on the other.

Werehouse management

Warehouse management module is used for a thorough and complete record of one or more warehouses with all warehouse documents.


The module provides an accurate record of one or more cash registers. Through a once-defined cash register (with the currency it works with) you can begin typing the receipts and payments for the same. Traffic within the cash registers can be very precisely defined, and thus facilitate their later retrieval and review.

Travel orders

Travel orders module allows clear and complete record of planning of travel expenses. By typing basic data needed to complete the record, a print to a standard form is available.

Personnel records

Personnel records module gives you a clear and complete records view of employees and their presence at work.