Module Cash register

Module Cash register

Overview of Cash register transactions

The module provides an accurate record of one or more cash registers. Through a once-defined cash register (with the currency it works with) you can begin typing the receipts and payments for the same.
Traffic within the cash registers can be very precisely defined, and thus facilitate their later retrieval and review.

Every cash transaction can be linked to one or more documents. The document can be created within the system (through an intuitive editor), can be taken from other applications (Word, Excel, ...) or can be scanned through the application (eg scanned paid transfer). All documents are stored in a single documents base.

Cashier transaction traffic can be further categorized (by adding tags), thus further define the type and kind of traffic. This enables you later, to quickly find the transactions of the same or similar type of work or further analysis.

At any time insight is
available into the cash register (total amount of payments, total withdrawals, and the current situation in hand).