Werehouse management

Werehouse management module

Werehouse management module

complete record of warehouse(s)

Warehouse management module is used for a thorough and complete record of one or more warehouses with all warehouse documents.

Module for monitoring warehouse operations is of great benefit to all who do business with the goods and between time of acquisition and sale of the goods are placed in the warehouse. Because inevitably warehouse itself is expense (space needed, workers), and goods in stock itself is a capital, in the interest of any company is to not have too much merchandise in stock. But on the other hand, too few goods in the warehouse could cause difficulties in the supply of customers or production. In the interest of every organization is to find the right balance between these two conflicting requirements.

The basic task is to monitor warehouse operations with accurate record of the goods in stock at some point. It is possible accessions of records (documents recording the entry of the goods to the warehouse), dispatch (documents that record the output of goods at the warehouse), transfer note (document evidencing transfer of goods from one warehouse to another), delivery note (documents evidencing the issuance of goods in production) , ...

By analyzing changes in the quantity of goods in stock for a long time it is possible to fulfill another important role in monitoring the storage business, which is spotting trends and the minimum and maximum amountn needed in stock.

With a storage card (goods), card customers, suppliers, vendors, ... it is simplified of updating and documenting data, and since when entry in stock is entered, also are stored quantity and price, one can constantly monitor the financial condition and volume of stock of an every item.

For controlling inventory in stock, there are simple and cost-effective solutions and measures that can be applied in almost any business, any size. Applying softCRM system and warehouse management module, control and monitoring of your stock can be immediately started.