Improved contracts

We have significantly improve functionality of the contract section which is now much more integrated into the whole system.

Warehouse management

We have introduce warehouse management module which is used for a thorough and complete record of one or more warehouses with all warehouse documents.

Google map integration

We have introduced the possibility of defining the location of companies and individuals, thus enabling easier geographical reference.

Advanced filtering

We've enabled advanced filtering, by all parameters.

Placement of windows

Additional overview is achieved through the entire application by allowing easy movement of the windows.  

Improved management of companies and individuals

We have introduced a couple of improvements for categorization and description of companies and individuals in the address book.

Synoptic usage analysis

We have enhanced insight in the application usage, by the usage of disk space and the traffic that was made.

Simpler account entry

To speed up the entry of incoming and outgoing invoices, the focus is placed only on the required fields.

Significantly improved application response

With additionaly optimization and analysis of practical use of the application, we managed to significantly speed up certain parts of application.

Employee records

Regarding changes in legislation and in accordance with the new law, all companies are required to keep records of their employees. Specifically, under article 4. paragraph 4. of Labour Law, a new regulation was brought, on the content and way of keeping records of workers.