Travel orders

Module Travel orders

Module Travel orders

Reports, management and calculations of travel orders

Travel orders module allows clear and complete record of planning of travel expenses. By typing basic data needed to complete the record, a print to a standard form is available.

Flexible, yet simple definition of each travel phase, it is possible to include more complicated travel destinations with multiple destination relations.
By tracking the costs incurred, record and travel orders tracks are rounded.

With each travel order you can connect one or more documents. The document can be created within the system (through an intuitive editor), can be taken from other applications (Word, Excel, ...) or can be scanned through the application (for example, account for the toll). All documents are stored in a single documents data

Travel orders can be further categorized (by adding tags), thus further defining the type and travel category. This later enables you to quickly find the travel orders of the same or similar type, or do additional analysis.