Module Communication

Module Communication

Communication overview and evidention (both personal and tema members)

The module enables recording and planning of communication with individuals or companies. After the contact is realized, it is sufficient to enter summary communication, and to define the date (and time) of the next contact (if any). With system notifications, no contact will be forgotten.

An additional advantage is that with every contact you can simply check out all communications and consultations that were conducted with a company (or person), and thus be a good interlocutor.

With each communication you can connect one or more documents. The documents can be created within the system (through an intuitive editor), can be taken from other applications (Word, Excel, ...) or can be scanned through the application. All documents are stored in a single documents database.

Communication can be further categorized (by adding tags), thus further define the type and communication category. This can later enable you to quickly find communication of the same or similar type or do additional analysis.

With communication planning, system integrates a complete communication module for the communication in digital form.