Module Contact manager

Module Contact manager

Managing contacts, companies, places

The module is a clear and concise central representation of address data for all individuals and legal entities.

Besides the standard address data (address, ID, PIN, telephony, Internet), it is possible to keep record of offices with their data, as well as keeping record on one or more bank accounts. Individuals may or may not be related to the company.

Finding a contact is simplified in a way that by typing one term, the system searches through all the addressing information.

With the address book function, the module enables recording and planning of communication with individuals or companies. After the contact realization, it is sufficient to enter communication
summary, and to define the date (and time) of the next contact. The system itself will take care that you don't forget.
An additional advantage is that with every contact you can simply check out all communications and consultations that were conducted with a certain company (or person), and thus be a good interlocutor.