Personnel records

softCRM program za evidenciju djelatnika (zaposlenika) i njhovog rada

softCRM program za evidenciju djelatnika (zaposlenika) i njhovog rada

Personnel records module gives you a clear and complete records view of employees and their presence at work.

Want to speed up manual records and know how much overtime is worked, the number of hours in night shifts, the number of hours on weekends and holidays, the total number of sick-leave, official and private absences, etc.? Do you have subcontractors who you want to monitor (you pay them per hour)?

Specifically, it is possible to define holidays through the system and its components (it is possible to download the standard holidays at the beginning of the year). Also, defined and planned absence from work
(vacation, sick leave, parenting leave, paid leave, unpaid leave, exclusion from work, etc.) is available for each employee.
With the help of Windows components that can be installed on an existing computer in the company, it is possible to monitor the comings and goings of employees (using a magnetic card or without any additional hardware required).

Based on all this information it is possible to create and maintain records of all employees, which is a legal requirement.
Specifically, under article 4. paragraph 4. of Labour Law, a new regulation was brought ON THE CONTENT AND METHOD OF KEEPING RECORDS OF EMPLOYEES.
Under this regulation all companies are required to keep records of their employees, and by using this subsystem all of that is automated, with just a swipe of  the card through the reader or without additional cards by just clicking on the name and surname of the employee.

Time and attendance of employees increases productivity. By taking records you collect data necessary for the effective management of human resources, which is becoming increasingly important aspect of modern business.