Checkout module

Checkout module

Invoice and estimate management

The module enables the synoptic records of incoming and outgoing invoices, as well as bids. Such accounts and records offer you up to date tracking of all obligations on the one hand, and all claims on the other.

With minimal effort, and with minimal time spent, it is possible to have a complete overview and insight into the finance of a company.
Updating the receipts and payments (they can be updated automatically with a bank through the bank statement file) you get a full review of open claims and debts, and review of the closure of accounts.
Also, the system can get the file, as well as get it through internet banking transfer and only sign it (without the double copying).

With each account or an offer you can connect one or more documents. The document can be created within the system (through an intuitive editor), can be taken from other applications (Word, Excel, ...) or can be scanned through the application (eg a scanned version of the bill). All documents are stored in a single documents database.

Accounts and offers are possible to be further categorized (by adding tags), thus further define the type and account category. This can later enable you to quickly find accounts and offers of the same or similar type of work or for doing further analysis.